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RehabPulse to Present in the Innovation Panel in the Global Midwest Alliance 2021 Corporate Venture Program

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Gaurav Mishra, will serve on the 6th Annual Corporate Venturing: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities’ meeting in Chicago, IL on September 23, 2021. He will serve on the Innovation Panel alongside Josh Shefner, Founder and CEO of Agricycle Global, Harpreet Singh, CEO of Child Health Imprints USA Inc., Ritobrata Sur, CEO of Indrio Technologies, and Linda Zadeh, CEO of Epic Semiconductors.

Corporate venturing is an important and growing part of the innovation ecosystem in the Midwest and throughout the world. The number of corporate venture companies has more than doubled since this program began six years ago. While Covid-19 has changed the corporate venturing landscape, it is clear that the innovation economy has emerged from the pandemic alive and well with a new sensitivity to the changing business economic and social landscape.

After a pause in investing at the outset of the pandemic, venture deal-making has continued to grow. Now more than ever, a company’s ability to recognize and extract value from innovation will separate success from failure. Corporate venturing continues to offer companies a direct path to reap strategic and financial rewards from new business models, emerging technologies and disruptive innovation. Startup companies increasingly view corporate venture companies as important partners in building value.

This year’s half-day program will focus on current thinking from key leaders in corporate venturing on the opportunities and challenges for corporate venturing in the post pandemic world. The 2021 Corporate Venturing Advisory Board Areas to be covered include:

The Innovation Panel brings a global perspective with international companies bringing promising, novel technologies to the energy, health care and logistics sectors. This year, we have selected senior executives from revenue-positive, emerging companies from the United States and who will be showcasing their technology solutions and are looking to enter or build their U.S. market presence via investment and or partnership opportunities.

The Corporate Venturing Panel will provide insight into the relationship between corporate venture companies and their portfolio companies and how these relationships help the portfolio companies grow. The panel includes a diverse group of individuals with experience leading corporate venture capital firms that invest across the spectrum of emerging technologies.

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Published on Aug 20 2021

Last Updated on Sep 02 2021

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