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News updates from RehabPulse corporate.

Noteworthy updates from RehabPulse

RehabPulse was founded by Rowheels Inc., maker of the world’s first therapeutic wheelchairs. Understanding the needs of the people we serve, we created our innovative technology platform to give customers access to the best medical equipment products offered at the best prices, and empowering vendors to sell directly to customers without the layers of profit-draining middlemen – which also gives our customers the best prices on the market.

Below you will find noteworthy business updates, as well as industry news and events.

Company news

RehabPulse lands $4.5 million funding round; introduces online insurance claims processing for medical equipment

Oct 20 2021

RehabPulse lands $4.5 million funding round; introduces online insurance claims processing for medical equipment…

RehabPulse is headed to Abilities Expo New York!

Sep 22 2021

Come and visit us at the Abilities Expo New York 2021 ! We will…

New RehabPulse Marketplace for all things DME!

Sep 21 2021

Welcome to the new ! We have been hard at work creating our…

RehabPulse Welcomes Stephanie Williams

Sep 08 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Stephanie Williams to the team. Stephanie Williams joined RehabPulse…

RehabPulse adds Leadership Team Member Tarrah Filo-Loos

Sep 01 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Tarrah Filo-Loos to the leadership team. Tarrah Filo-Loos joined…

RehabPulse Welcome Traci Remhof

Aug 23 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Traci Remhof to the team. Traci Remhof joined RehabPulse…

RehabPulse to Present in the Innovation Panel in the Global Midwest Alliance 2021 Corporate Venture Program

Aug 20 2021

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Gaurav Mishra, will serve on the…

RehabPulse adds Leadership Team Member Gwynne Sury

Aug 16 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Gwynne Sury to the leadership team. Gwynne Sury joined…

RehabPulse Welcomes Carron Schulz

Aug 16 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Carron Schulz to the team. Carron Schulz joined RehabPulse…

RehabPulse Welcomes Nicholas Davis

Aug 16 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Nicholas Davis to the team. Nicholas Davis joined RehabPulse…

RehabPulse Welcomes Michelle David

Aug 16 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Michelle David to the team. Michelle David joined RehabPulse…

RehabPulse Welcomes Jessica Rose

Aug 02 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Jessica Rose to the team. Jessica Rose joined RehabPulse…

RehabPulse adds Leadership Team Member Cynthia Kanak

Jul 12 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Cynthia Kanak to the leadership team. Cynthia Kanak joined…

RehabPulse Receives Medicare Insurance Licensing

Jun 26 2021

RehabPulse is proud to announce the reception of Medicare Insurance Licensing approval.

RehabPulse Welcomes Luke Vandenlangenberg

Jan 01 2021

RehabPulse is proud to welcome Luke Vandenlangenberg to the team. Luke Vandenlangenberg joined RehabPulse…

Company history

January 2012

Beginning of Funding

ROWHEELS raises an initial angel round of $120k

February 2012

Presentation at RESNA

ROWHEELS founder, Salim Nasser, presents a paper on Upper Body Posture Comparison Between Reverse and Conventional Manual Wheelchair Propulsion at RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America.

June 2012

1st Place Finish

ROWHEELS was awarded 1st Place in the advanced manufacturing category of the contest of the Wisconsin Governors Business Plan Competition 2012 .

July 2012


Madcelerator, LLC, a Madison-based business accelerator formed a joint venture with Mr. Salim Nasser and incorporated ROWHEELS, Inc.

January 2013

Second Round of Funding

ROWHEELS raises a second angel round of $100k

June 2013

First Prototype Wheels

Prototype wheels are are created and tested.

May 2014

Start of REV-HX

Development of the ROWHEELS REV-HX kicks off.

July 2014

Final Tests for REV-HX

Final product testing of the ROWHEELS REV-HX wheels commences.

September 2014


Testing of the ROWHEELS wheels get underway at RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America

January 2015

Funding Continues

ROWHEELS raises an investment of $575k from WISC Partners L.P.

January 2015

REV-HX Launch

The Company’s first product, the ROWHEELS REV-HX (high gear wheel) is launched. The wheels can be retrofit onto existing wheelchairs.

January 2015


US Patent US 8,931,796 B2 was granted to ROWHEELS in January 2015

January 2015


The first ROWHEELS HX wheels ship. Customers are delighted with the new wheel and the positive impact it has on their lives.

February 2015


The ROWHEELS LX wheel (which features reduced gearing for ease of use) enters final product testing.

February 2015

VA Order

ROWHEELS delivers wheels to fulfill an order from the Veterans Association.

April 2015


ROWHEELS raises an equity Crowdfunding round of $610k

September 2015

Funding Continues

ROWHEELS raises a venture round of $236k

Decemeber 2015

Funding Continues

ROWHEELS raises a venture round of $1.5m from WISC L.P.

January 2016

Funding Continues

ROWHEELS raises a venture round of $925k from WISC L.P.

April 2016

Next ROWHEELS Product

The ROWHEELS aluminum handrim enters product development.

May 2016

The REV 3

ROWHEELS successfully develops the REV 3 injection molded wheel design, offering a significant parts count reduction and lowering the overall production cost by 70%.

August 2016

Medical Benefits Supported

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center Study is released – the report fully siupports the medical benefits of ROWHEELS patented technology. (Comparison of temporal spatial characteristics and shoulder muscle activity during reverse and conventional manual wheelchair propulsion in persons with paraplegia.)

October 2016


A low gear version called the ROWHEELS LX is introduced, the wheel addresses a much wider segment of wheelchair users, who have reduced upper body strength. The ROWHEELS LX can be retrofit to all leading brands of wheelchair.

October 2016

LX Shipped

The first LX ROWHEELS wheels are shipped. Customers were delighted with their LX ROWHEELS wheels and the positive impact the wheels have on their lives.

December 2016

ROWHEELS Visits Foundation

ROWHEELS management visits The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in Short Hills, NJ

February 2017

Europe Beginning

The first ROWHEELS wheels are shipped to new customers in Europe.

February 2017

The Revolution 1.0

Development of a fully integrated Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair gets underway. This will be the first wheelchair to be sold with ROWHEELS unique technology already integrated into the product before delivery.

March 2017

33rd ISS Presentation

ROWHEELS management present at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology Continuing Education Program (RSTCE)  33rd International Seating Symposium (ISS).

March 2017

Handrim Begins Testing

Testing of the ROWHEELS  Aluminum handrim gets underway.

May 2017

REV 3 Begins Testing

ROWHEELS REV 3 Injection molded wheels enter product testing.

August 2017

European Patent

European Patent EP 2 838 486 B1 was granted to ROWHEELS in August 2017.

December 2017

Asia/Pacific Beginning

The first ROWHEELS wheels are shipped to customers in Asia / Pacific.

December 2017

DME Appointed

ROWHEELS appoints a strategic Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

February 2018

New Zealand Beginning

First ROWHEELS wheels are shipped to new customers in New Zealand

March 2018

REV 3.0 Begin Production

The latest Rev 3.0  ROWHEELS wheels go into production. The Rev 3.0 wheels with no spokes and a low gear ratio compared to traditional wheels.

June 2018

CEO Appointed

ROWHEELS appoints Gaurav Mishra as CEO, former President of industry giant Otto Bock Healthcare.

July 2018

B2C Model

ROWHEELS announces it’s direct to customer business model (B2C). A disruptive strategy with enormous potential to disrupt the whole medical device marketplace.

July 2018

Well Received

ROWHEELS receives extensive coverage in TV, press, business journals and specialist medical media. The disruptive business model is well received because of its focus on patient care and the elimination of intermediaries who are not adding value.

July 2018

New Website

ROWHEELS reveals its new and improved website www.rowheels.comwhic includes an integrated e-commerce shop to facilitate direct to customer sales of products, accessories and services.

August 2018

Revolution 1.0 Milestone

The ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 wheelchair commences testing to ISO standards.

August 2018

International Distribution

International distributors can now submit applications quickly and confidentially to ROWHEELS via the company’s website

August 2018

E-Commerce Store

The ROWHEELS e-commerce store goes live and customers place pre-orders for the Revolution 1.0.

September 2018

Revolution 1.0 User Tests

Testing of Revolution 1.0 prototypes gets underway with wheelchair users in the USA.

September 2018

Accessory Development

The company starts development of its ROWHEELS branded accessory line.

October 2018


Additional space is acquired in Madison WI for the continuous production of the Revolution 1.0.

November 2018

Product Protection Plan

The company announces the ROWHEELS Product Protection Plan – a comprehensive agreement that delivers peace of mind at affordable prices.

November 2018

Gift Cards

ROWHEELS e-gift cards are launched on the e-commerce store in time for the holiday season.

December 2018

Revolution 1.0 Milestone

The company commences deliveries of the ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0.

January 2019

Project Pitch It

ROWHEELS selected to appear on TV Show Project Pitch It

March 2019

Pitch In Award

ROWHEELS win the “Pitch In Award”. Project Pitch It moguls will host a forum of investors on behalf of ROWHEELS.

April 2019

Advisory Board

ROWHEELS Announces founding members of its advisory board.

May 2019

Revolution 1.0 FDA Clearance

The FDA grants the ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 wheelchair 501(k) clearance.

May 2019

Revolution 1.0 Shipping

ROWHEELS commences shipping the Revolution 1.0

June 2021

Medicare Licensing

RehabPulse Receives Medicare Insurance Licensing