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Merits Health 2021 Spotlight

Merits Health 2021 Spotlight

Merits Health

Merits is an amazing brand that RehabPulse is proud to offer to our customers. Merits makes a wide range of Durable Medical Equipment from beds to mobility scooters. Below will highlight a few of their incredible products that we are happy to carry!

What is RehabPulse?

We are the world’s first online durable medical equipment (DME) marketplace with an integrated insurance program. We offer affordable, accessible DME solutions and services to customers, medical professionals, and insurers, with integrated insurance claim facilities and flexible payment options.

Whether you’re a consumer or healthcare professional, at home, at work, with your physician, or somewhere else; RehabPulse is here to provide the life-enhancing medical equipment you need at the click of a button.

Merits Health Products in 2021

Merits Health Sleep-Ease 600

The Sleep-Ease 600 is built with a heavy-duty frame that ensures patient safety and strength of the bed. It features a quiet and smooth operating mechanism and even has a manual crank for emergencies. 

Merits Health Everglade Manual Wheelchair

The Everglade is a great folding and transportation manual wheelchair. It features convenient loop brakes for safety. It also has an optional heavy duty variant if needed. 

Merit Health Roadster Mobility Scooter

The Roadster is one of our best selling mobility scooters. It disassembles into five light weight components for easy transportation and storage. It features a stable four wheel design with puncture-proof tires. Merits is one of the many great brands that

RehabPulse is proud to offer. Make sure to check out our website to learn more about Merits and all the other products we carry! Be sure to also check out to see if the new Merits product you have been eying up could even be covered by your insurance!

Published on Oct 06 2021

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