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EV Rider Spotlight – Including Mobility Scooters!

EV Rider Spotlight – Including Mobility Scooters!

We are ecstatic to be able to offer EV Rider as one of our many great manufacturers. EV Rider is obsessed with making great wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Today’s spotlight will highlight just a few of their fantastic products that we offer!

EV Rider Spring Aluminum Tilt In Space Manual Wheelchair

The main feature with this lightweight wheelchair is it’s tilt. The seat can recline a full 30 degrees! That tilt also comes with safety features. The bonus two front wheels make sure you stay firmly on the ground. 

The seat is also extremely comfortable, designed with your rehabilitation in mind. The chair fits up to 300 pounds and comes in various sizes.

EV Rider Cityrider Mobility Scooter

This stylish mobility scooter is filled with features making it one of the best mobility scooters that RehabPulse offers. It’s standard suspension system makes the ride relaxing and safe.

The on board captain’s chair is cozy and adjustable. The Cityrider is also filled with safety features such as mirrors and a full lighting system! To round out this incredible scooter, it comes in three different stunning colors. 

EV Rider Move X Rollator Walker

This Rollator is the most compact walker around with a foldable design making it easy to transport. It comes in two different colors to add flair to the already sleek and cost effective design.

Worried about it’s safety? Don’t be! This walker features brakes and a sturdy lightweight frame so that you can continue to enjoy life with ease of use.
EV Rider is making some of the best mobility products in the market. RehabPulse is proud to offer these listed and many more EV Rider products. Visit our “Insurance Claims” tab to see if your insurance will even cover these! Make sure to check us out at to see more.

Published on Sep 13 2021

Last Updated on Sep 16 2021