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DOG Wheelchair

DOG Wheelchair

Nothing says adventure like a happy dog.

Walking your dog is equivalent to walking a dog with your wheelchair. People who walk their dog in a wheelchair often have more control than those walking on two feet! Even as a wheelchair user, you should be able to safely, efficiently, and independently take your dog with you as much as possible. When handling a wheelchair and a leash, you greatly increase your risking of dropping the leash, especially if you have limited dexterity. If you dog is not reliably trained and this happens, you could risk them running off and/or getting hurt. The longer the leash, the more likely it is to get caught around your dog, your wheels, or your spokes (even when folded). You have to always be aware and cautious while using a standard leash for wheelchair dog-walking.

Now that we have talked about the dog and its leash. Let’s move on to Dog Friendly Wheelchairs. Pride Go Chair® Power Wheelchair | This is an FDA Class II Medical Device*Your dog will thank you when choosing this custom wheelchair. With a weight capacity of 300 LBS and a mx speed of 3.7 Miles, your dog will be able to walk with you a gentle pace. In addition, it has a very nice turning radius of 25.5 allowing your dog to easily walk with you when turning around. The Adjustable arm rests allows you to place the leash where you need to, so that you and your dog can walk comfortable, and convenient under seat storage keeps you and your dog’s personal items close at hand. The Wheelchair comes in a variety of colors!’

Another great dog friendly option is the Rowheels Wheelset – Ki Mobility Catalyst 5 Ultra Lightweight Folding Manual Wheelchair (fully customizable) Ki Mobility’s flagship product, the Catalyst 5 has since redefined the ultra-lightweight folding market, and arguably the best choice in high-performance folding wheelchairs, and you can feel that with every pull of the ROWHEELS HX, LX or REV3 wheelsets. Using ROWHEELS patented technology, this powerful mechanical advantage, when combined with the unique ROWHEELS pulling action, together make wheelchair mobility not only much easier but also healthier. You and your dog will be easily able to get all things in life done with this wheelchair due to the full customizable aspect of this chair for all you and your dog’s needs.

Your Dog knows you and your needs at every turn, and so does this wheelchair. ROWHEELS Wheelset – Motion Composites Apex-C Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber Rigid Manual Wheelchair (fully customizable). The Motion Composites Apex rigid wheelchair is fully customizable to fit you perfectly. At  only 9.8* Lbs (10.5 Lbs for aluminum version) transport weight, it’s one of THE lightest wheelchairs on the market. The APEX is the lightest wheelchair in its class. The APEX frame delivers an ultralight design of unrivaled strength and durability, while the REV-HX are our fastest manual wheels on the market. The pre-fitted ROWHEELS Wheelsets give you the therapeutic advantage of pulling instead of pushing. Using ROWHEELS patented technology, you gain mobility while reducing the risk of chronic shoulder and joint injuries. Combining the unique ROWHEELS pulling action with ultra-lightweight aluminum or cutting-edge carbon fiber technology, makes mobility not only much easier but also healthier. FSA and HSA eligible. Transport weight is without footrests, rear wheels, cushion, armrests, anti-tippers or wheel locks. You and your dog will appreciate the new-aged look, and the reliability.

Published on Mar 09 2021

Last Updated on Sep 24 2021

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