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Best Vacation Mobility Scooter

Best Vacation Mobility Scooter

Best Vacation Mobility Scooter

As summer comes closer each day, it is time to plan ahead for upcoming adventures with the best vacation mobility scooter.

The Triaxe Foldable Mobility Scooter is among the best products on the market to take on trips. Owners of the Triaxe Sport have nothing but good things to say about the travel mobility scooter.

Another great scooter for traveling and vacationing is the ComfyGo MS 3000 Plus! This scooter is airline approved and folds automatically! 

Travel Disability Scooter with Plenty of Performance

Triaxe Sport scooter for the disabled was made to be easy for travel — regardless if it involves going by car, bus, train, airplane or boat. The lightweight travel mobility scooter is just 49 pounds. Without the lightweight lithium battery, which is easily detachable, it weighs 44 pounds. The batteries are also Transportation Security Administration, or TSA approved.

One the person arrives at the destination with the Triaxe Sport, they can expect to have nearly no limits.

“The scooter worked well at the resort which had a lot of hills, and they were not a problem,” Annette said. “The scooter is fast and very easy to operate, it also has a great turning radius. Love it.”

The Triaxe Sport disability scooter is also equipped with 48V 12Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, making it capable of covering up to 35 miles per total charge. Customers also have the option of including a backup battery, 48V 6Ah, with them on their travels.

The Triaxe Sport moves well on a variety of different roadway conditions, including steep hills. The long-distance mobility scooter has a climbable grade of 18 degrees. The ground clearance on the 3-wheel mobility scooter is 1.10 inches.

These attributes make the Triaxe Sport a great product to take with on trips as most drivers will not find any impediments going all day with the scooter for the disabled.

With the fast speed, should the person ever lose their group, such as to take a photo or admire a beautiful sight, he or she can quickly accelerate to catch-up.

Another advantage of the travel disability scooter is the comfort when going from one place to another.

The Triaxe Sport comes equipped with a 13-inch cushioned seat, with the option of upgrading it to 18 inches. During lengthy travels, the seat keeps the driver comfortable and secure.

While moving around, the driver will feel secure with adjustable handlebars to maintain control of the Triaxe Sport. The steel hand grips on the product are overlaid with rubber. The effect keeps hands comfortable while steering the quality mobility scooter. He or she will have complete control with a squeeze.

Get Your Affordable Travel Mobility Scooter, Today!

We love to pair our customers with the best mobility scooters on the market. With the Triaxe Sport and the ComfyGo MS 3000 Plus, we can continue that passion.

The Triaxe Sport is one of the best disability scooters for traveling as it promises to make your life easier in every step of the way on these adventures.

The ComfyGo MS 3000 is great for its lightweight and high speeds as well as the ability to fold automatically!

To learn more about the Triaxe Sport 3-wheel disability scooter, we recommend reaching out to a dedicated specialist at RehabPulse! Contact our dedicated specialists online at or give us a call at (877) 234-2018!

Published on Jul 01 2021

Last Updated on Sep 24 2021