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Back to School Mobility from RehabPulse

Back to School Mobility from RehabPulse

It’s back to school time and while it brings about new beginnings and nerves, it can also be fun for parents and students alike. Having a child with a disability can be stressful with the unknowns about accommodations needed, or getting used to new caregivers to help your scholar thrive. Below highlights a couple of tips and products that we’ve found to reduce stress and enable you and your student to have a seamless transition into the new school year. 

Some helpful back-to-school tips:

  1. Make sure to keep everyone informed about your child’s specific mobility/care/learning needs. From their teachers to administrative staff, if they understand your child’s needs, it will make the days go much smoother. Be sure to check in often with them to make sure everyone is still on the same page.
  2. Understand your child’s school’s accessibility options. If you and your child can visit the building to make a proper plan for accessibility and best routes, that can minimize the stress of getting around on day-one.
  3. Make sure your student’s bus or transportation options are equipped to transport them comfortably – and that everyone involved knows their role to ensure safe passage. Accessibility starts well before the child leaves the home for new adventures!

Our favorite pediatric-specific mobility products to kick off the year:

Ki Mobility RogueXP Pediatric Wheelchair (Fully Customizable)

This Ki Mobility RogueXP is very versatile. It is extremely customizable no matter the age. A highlight of this device is the option to omit the armrests, which makes it much easier to maneuver into desks and tables when navigating around school. 

This wheelchair is also pretty cool! It comes in 19 fun color options. Your child can pick their favorite color to match their personality. The colors range from black to bubblegum pink to matte Army green. 

Concerned about carrying around a backpack with it? Good thing there is an optional backpack attachment for that! The chair is also very lightweight so your child won’t be tired moving around all day in school.

Rowheels REV-3 Quick Release Wheelchair Reverse/Pull Wheelsets

The Rowheels REV-3 Quick Release wheelset is the perfect attachment for the Ki Mobility RogueXP Pediatric wheelchair. With the Rowheels, you never have to worry about the strain your child is putting on their body with normal forward pushing wheels. 

Rowheels were created with an innovative design to be pulled instead of pushed while still propelling your kiddo forward. Your child will be going and going while still maintaining a healthy posture and reducing their risk for wheelchair-related shoulder and wrist injuries. The last thing you would want your child to do is to stop being active!

These wheels also look awesome! They are sleek and come in multiple colors. The wheels allow your child to practice their independence for longer periods of time!

Circle Specialty KLIP 4w Pediatric Walker, 8″ wheels

The Circle Specialty KLIP 4w walker is perfect for your child’s needs at school. Not to mention, it’s cost effective too! Days at school can be non-stop moving and that’s exactly what this walker is meant for. It also comes in many different sizes so no matter the stage your child is at, there’s an option for them. 

It is also pretty awesome, and just like the Ki Mobility wheelchair, this walker comes in multiple colors to match your child’s personality. It also looks sleek and modern with its minimalist design. 

Concerned about the comfort for your child? Don’t be! It is specifically designed to reduce strain, while your kiddo is maneuvering their school both indoors and outdoors.

These are only a couple of the products that RehabPulse is proud to offer for your back to school needs. Be sure to check out our full range of products at Our goal is to make going back to school less stressful for you and your child! 

Published on Sep 09 2021