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The elderly and disabled use of power wheelchairs has increased dramatically. Power wheelchairs are often called electric wheelchairs and they do have their advantages and disadvantages just like other wheelchair types and brands.

The greatest advantage of a power wheelchair is the ease and convenience it supplies. Even though power chairs do have an electric motor, the controller is still the person in the chair. Some power wheelchairs are operated by the hands, some by the mouth or any other functioning body part. This is a great feature for those who don’t have complete control of their hands or arms.

Other Advantages of Electric Wheelchairs

The variety of power chairs is also another advantage. You can easily find many styles and companies that sell these chairs online or in relevant retail stores. Anyone at any age or size might need the use of a wheelchair at some point in his or her life.

It is for this reason that wheelchair makers provide a wide variety of power chairs and even provide customized services. No matter your weight or height, you will be able to find a chair to suit your needs.

Even though power wheelchairs have a few drawbacks, most of them can be made into advantages with extra money or more features. Usually a power wheelchair cannot collapse or disassemble. Many people who must travel might not have a van or bigger vehicle to keep the power wheelchair; consequently, they would have to make alternate plans. Maybe you have to buy an extra manual wheelchair for travels.

Foldable Power Wheelchair

One more solution would be to invest extra money on a power wheelchair that folds ups or will disassemble fairly effortlessly. The collapsible power wheelchairs can be found in many stores; however, more expensive than conventional power wheelchairs.

Power wheelchairs are similar to comfortable computer chairs. Is the power wheelchair the best option for you? It is dependent on your individual needs and finances of course. If you are able to get one you will enjoy the ease and comfort they provide to people of all ages and sizes.

Published on Sep 19 2020

Last Updated on Sep 24 2021